Christopher Lambert

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Some of My Personal Projects

Daily Standup Question

Web app that aggregates daily standup questions and uses GPT-2 to generate new ones

Spotify Diff

Web app to generate playlists containing the 'Liked Song' overlap between 2 users on Spotify

The WSB Index

Algorithmic trading strategy to predict market volatility from the post/comment frequency on a popular trading forum

Headspace Reducer

Restructuring Audio Files from a popular Guided Meditation App to Reduce Server-Side Bandwidth Costs by more than 40%

No-Name Bot

Open Source SneakerBot created as a supplement to my 'Creating a Sneaker Bot in Python' Youtube Series


Chrome Extension that Solves reCAPTCHA 2.0 Without Human Interaction


Answering 'Is Elon Musk Currently The Richest Person In The World?' given real-time $TSLA stock price

Echo Linguistics

A framework to enable ~60 additional voices and ~70 additional languages on the Amazon Echo


A data science exercise to programmatically find buildings that used to be Pizza Hut restaurants.


Reducing subconscious gender/racial bias in the hiring process


Minimalistic Rubik's cube timer with CSV session summaries

Turo Analytics

Analyzing the Turo rental car market


Voice powered management/tracking system for patients in long-term care at The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Amazon Textbook Arbitrage

Finding Arbitrage opportunities in the Amazon textbook trade in marketplace

SFPD Dispatch

San Francisco Police Department Analytics for the Capital One Software Engineering Summit

Ride Caring

Book an Uber Ride without Mobile Internet Access


Using Computer Vision to detect the presense of an active shooter in real time | Project at Princeton University in Spring 2018

Lottery Analytics

Ranking New Jersey Scratch-Off Tickets by Projected ROI